Graduate and Doctoral studies programs are the key programs for training researchers and teachers for the universities, Academy of Sciences, and industrial R&D institutes. About 150--160 best graduates of the Faculty of Physics and other candidates from Russia and Belarus who have the diploma of "specialist" or "master" join annually the PhD studies program at the faculty. A few people who hold the PhD degree join annually the Dr. Sc. studies program.

PhD and Dr.Sc. students work on their theisis under individual programs composed together with their scientific advisors.

Under the PhD studies program, the students have to pass exams on Philosophy, foreign language, and their specialization. They have to prepare and submit to one of the Faculty's councils for defence their PhD thesis.

Up to 65--70% of our PhD studies program graduates defend their PhD thesis within one year after the graduation.

List of specializations for the graduate and doctoral studies at the Faculty of Physics

01.01.03 -- Mathematical Physics
01.03.01 -- Astrometry and Celestial Mechanics
01.03.02 -- Astrophysics and Radioastronomy
01.04.01 -- Devices and Methods of Experimental Physics
01.04.02 -- Theoretical Physics
01.04.03 -- Radiophysics
01.04.04 -- Physical Electronics
01.04.05 -- Optics
01.04.06 -- Acoustics
01.04.07 -- Condensed Matter Physics
01.04.08 -- Plasma Physics
01.04.09 -- Low Temperatures Physics
01.04.10 -- Physics of Semiconductors
01.04.11 -- Physics of Magnetic Phenomena
01.04.14 -- Thermal Physics and Theoretical Heating Engineering
01.04.16 -- Physics of Atomic Nuclei and Elementary Particles
01.04.17 -- Chemical Physics, including Combustion and Explosion Physics
01.04.20 -- Physics of Charged Particles Beams and Accelerators
01.04.21 -- Laser Physics
01.04.23 -- High-Energy Physics
02.00.06 -- High-Molecular Compounds
03.00.02 -- Biophysics
05.13.18 -- Mathematical Modeling, Numerical Methods and Software
05.27.03 -- Quantum Electronics
25.00.29 -- Physics of Athmosphere and Gidrosphere
25.00.10 -- Geophysics, Geophysical Methods of Exploration Activities

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