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Chair of Physics of Oscillations

Last Name: Ivanov
First Name: Igor
Patronymic Name: Vasilevich
Scientific Degree: Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences
Academic Rank: Professor
Room: 3-78
Position: Professor
Telephone: +7(495)939-32-61
Research Interests: Fluctuations in the microwave systems with nonlinear dielectric elements. The technique and the obtained data on the nonlinear properties of crystals and ceramics segnetodielektricheskih at centimeter and millimeter wavelengths. A theory is developed and implemented by non-linear electromagnetic interactions in ferroelectric resonators, the theory and experimentally discovered the effect of the automatic temperature stabilization in ferroelectric oscillatory systems. On the basis of this effect is proposed and implemented multiple applications. The phenomenon of striction parametric interaction of acoustic and electromagnetic modes in solid dielectric resonators. Lectured "Radiophysics", "Theory of Oscillations", "Distributed vibrational systems"
Prepared 15 PhD. Has published more than 100 scientific papers, including monograph "Ferroelectrics in systems over high frequencies," textbooks "Fundamentals of Radio Physics", "Distributed oscillatory systems"