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Chair of Physics of Oscillations

Last Name: Mitrofanov
First Name: Valery
Patronymic Name: Pavlovich
Scientific Degree: Doctor of Science
Room: 1-61
Position: Professor
Telephone: +7(495)939-37-83
Research Interests: Oscillating systems with small dissipation of energy and their applications in high-precision physical experiments, detection of gravitational waves; a member of the LIGO Scientific Collaboration of scientists who have joined together in the search for gravitational waves from cosmic sources.
Courses of lectures:
1. Oscillating systems with small dissipation.
2. Statistical analysis and signal processing in physical measurements.
3. Precision measurements based on quantum effects.
4. Quantum oscillating systems and quantum measurements (together with prof. F.Ya. Khalili and prof. S.P.Vyatchanin - for aspirants)