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Chair of Physics of Oscillations

Last Name: Mantsevich
First Name: Sergey
Patronymic Name: Nikolaevich
Scientific Degree: PhD
Room: 1-65
Position: Leading electronic
Telephone: +7(495)939-46-97
Research Interests: Electro- and acousto-optics, optical information processing, photonics, laser physics, optics and acoustics of anisotropic media
Scientific biography:
In 2009 S.N. Mantsevich graduated from the Department of Physics in Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU) with Highest Distinction. After graduating from post-graduate classes at the Department of Physics in MSU, he got in 2012 his Ph.D. degree in Radiophysics. His Ph.D. thesis title was "Acousto-optic interaction of wave beams with complicated amplitude and phase structure". Since 2012 he is at the Department of Physics of MSU, at present, he is a leading electronic of Oscillation Physics Chair.
Main publications
1. Балакший В.И., Манцевич С.Н. Influence of the divergence of a light beam on the characteristics of collinear diffraction. // OPTICS AND SPECTROSCOPY  Volume: 103   Issue: 5   Pages: 804-810.
2. Balakshy V.I., Mantsevich S.N. Collinear diffraction of divergent optical beams in acousto-optic crystals. // Appl. Opt., 2009, v.48, №7, pp. C135-140.
3. Balakshy V.I., Mantsevich S.N. Influence of light polarization on characteristics of a collinear acoustooptic diffraction. // OPTICS AND SPECTROSCOPY  Volume: 106   Issue: 3   pp. 441-445.
4. Balakshy V.I., Mantsevich S.N. Polarization effects at collinear acousto-optic interaction. // Optics & Laser Technology, 2012, v.44, №4, pp.893-898.
5. Balakshy, V. I.; Mantsevich, S. N. Propagation of acoustic beams in paratellurite crystal. // ACOUSTICAL PHYSICS  Volume: 58   Issue: 5   Pages: 549-557.